Repairing cracks is the very first step in maintaining your asphalt! To our commercial customers this is the very best approach to keeping your parking lot maintained without disrupting customer flow. Black Magic Sealcoating Inc. works nights and weekends to accommodate you needs.

Over the years we have learned that using cold applied crack sealing in our climate just doesn't work as well as hot applied crack sealing. Hot applied fillers have been mainly used on commercial property, but technology has enabled us to bring the same quality to residential customers too. We can provide a cost-effective, high quality job to the residential customer.

Cracks open and close as the temperature changes. With Hot applied fillers, we heat the rubberized tar to a liquid form and then pour it into the crack, as it enters the crack it forms to the crack and seals it off completely. This rubberized tar stays flexible and moves with the crack through the temperature cycles. This is the same process, and material, towns and cities use on their streets to seal the cracks on major roadways.

Crack Sealing Process:
The temperature should be above 40 degrees; the cracks must be dry and clean in order for the sealant to work properly.

Then the cracks will be blown out with compressed air to clean out debris and vegetation. Once they are clean, the hot crack sealant is applied to seal the cracks in. Then fine sand is glazed over the sealant for immediate traffic access.