Despite it's appearance asphalt is an extremely porous substance, susceptible to damage by rain, sunlight and chemicals such as fuel oil and gasoline. Left unprotected, an asphalt driveway will fade, soften and pit (especially where it is exposed to gasoline and motor oil), and eventually crumble, requiring major repair.

Sealcoating, however, covers the entire asphalt with a flat black coat of coal tar pitch that seals the minute pores in the asphalt surface. As it dries it hardens to form a tough, protective "skin" that keeps your asphalt surface looking clean and new and resists deterioration from sun, rain, gasoline and chemicals.

Only coal tar sealer protects asphalt against the highly damaging effects of gas and oil seepage and all other road chemicals, especially alkaline and winter salt.

Sealcoating Process:
In order to sealcoat the following must apply: Must be 50 degrees and rising and Must be dry ground!

All customers will be called the day before to confirm that Black Magic Sealcoating will be on site the following day to make sure the driveway is clear of vehicles, kids, toys and that the sprinklers are off so we can perform the job. We are not responsible for washouts due to sprinklers!

Pavement Cleaning:
All pavement surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. Wire brooms and blowers are used to get all of the remaining debris off of the pavement surface to assure proper adhesion.

Oil Spot Treatment:

Oil, grease, and gasoline stains are treated using an oil spot primer. This is important because sealer will not adhere properly to any of the above named stains. When the bonding agent is applied properly, the stains will be delayed from resurfacing thus extending the life of the sealcoat. Note: oil spots cannot be warranteed.

The sealer will be applied with brush or squeegee around edges to cut in around walkways and elements that should not get sealer on them. Then the body of the pavement will be spayed on for a lineless finish.

Curing Time:

To assure the best quality job the proper curing time is essential. We require 24 hours of curing time before you can drive on the surface. However, Sealcoating takes 30 days to fully cure. If tracking happens in the first couple days it will blend in a couple of weeks time.

After the job is complete the area will be taped off to prevent traffic from being on the freshly treated surface.